Thursday, July 29, 2010

The person /people that I love the most....

I love the people who has in my life..without that people..I cant be a stronger..because,,they are always support me,, everything and whatever I do..for parents,,,my mother is a caring person..she is so worried if I sick..hehehe,,,,because my mother so loving me,,=P my father also... second,, my friends... I love so much with them.. because,, they are always makes me happy,, makes me so happy,, we can shares everything.. like our hobby is hang out together,, can shopping together either boys or girls..other than that.. we are always changes an idea to makes something different.. and the last but not list.. before I forget it.. about the title.. the person that I love..huhu...actually,,I'm feel so shy to say about this,, because,, the people I love the most,, ofcourse that is a man.. he is should be tall than me,,hehehe because from that..I can feel..that he is really taking care of me.. and hope he can really accept me fully.. including my friends and the most important is myself... he can't accept my heart only..he is also should be a good man to me,,a good man to my family.. and become a good role model to my child in one day..also can convert me from any problems.. can support me whatever I do..,,and I MAKE SURE that people I love,,he is mine my life no sharing whatever and the everything that I have no more to sharing with others,,thats is some of the characteristic of man that I LOVE SO MUCH....LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. =)

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