Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I like/what I hate about my English lacture.

What I like about my English lacture is..he is sporting,kind man,as a lacture,he is perfect to lacture student and be a good lacture..because of that,,he teach us how to make a blogger..how to be has a good perfomance in drama..first time in my life has involved in drama..perfoms to audience..has a critics from judges..how to improve our English spoken,,and the most important is..when I study at this college,,it has make myself to more brave to spoke in English..even my english is not very well..its all come from SIR BAYU..my beloved lacturer..he also has a nice voice..want to know..my lacture is a romantic person..huhuhu..he dedicate song that he makes to us,but at the same time,,he dedicate to fiance...how romantic my lacture..anyway..he will marriage at this year,,december 2010..at Perak..we hope sir will happy until his last breath with her partner in his life..thank you so much! because sir has teach us everything even we did not know about it..

Monday, November 1, 2010

My experience during drama presentation.

I'm feel so happy..because..my presentation for drama..was already have done!
Want to know something..first time in my life..singing in front of audience!
owh..I'm so shy at that time..with MARIAH CAREY song..MY ALL..my character as Aunty Kim..

This my picture..as AUNTY KIM,,hahahha..I'm laughing when I saw my new image when I stand in front of the mirror..hahaha...within the hair that we makes from "selendang" to show to audience as my character..chiniese..
anything was happen to my group during drama..I'm so satisfied,,because,,I can believed,,that my group has choosen by judges as a winner by class..Thankful to judges and the most thankful to my beloved lecture BRO BAYU..as a English lecturer..has give advise and tips to us..and has lecture me,how to played as a chiniese girl but we are so sad because..when we are perfomance,,he is not here..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why do you think the tittle of short story is "Peace"? Justify your answer.

To me..this story that called "peace"..it is because..how the writer solve the problem when his neighbour make a noise,without argue with each others..and try to unite with others..and the writer has remember with his students about he give to them to write the essay about "Merdeka" and he say, he always curious to know what the word "Merdeka" to them.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My bestfriend..

Do you have a bestfriend?? Are you love with your bestfriend?? In this world, everyone should have their own person to be their bestfriend and I want to shared to all of you about my bestfriend.

My plans after I have finish PIP programme.

Every people has their own plans. The plans can elaborate with variety of ways and I have my own plans after I have finish PIP programme.

My plans after I have finish PIP programme:

> meet somebody that I miss..
> go to holiday
> make a barbeque with my classmate

If you were Markonah, how would you solve all the problems?

> I ignore about them, which is two jokers and "parasites" in the class because I come to the course that offered to me is to become a television broadcaster. So, I no needs to embarrassed by their.

> I should proud about myself because has a blood of Javanese in my family and my name is so unique than others.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Husband Material..

A) In my opinion, marriage is about one relationship that we called more lawful and more everlasting,also more guarantee with the people we loved. To me, marriage also blissful because, we will get have a full time together with our partner without limits. Marriage is a one time is a change our life from teenagers to adult and lastly, be a someone owned that we called wife. When someone be a wife or husband, they have a new responsibility to their own family. And for me, marriage is a one of desire to all people.

B) I will choose my own spouse. It is because I want to find someone that I love him and I want to know more about him by myself. It is because, when I meet someone, I will bring him and introduce to my parents. If my chosen is a good for me as well as also good to my family. My spouse character is a tall than me, caring about me, loving me yet not only with myself, also should love with my family, he can accept me fully about me and have a permanent job.

C) Husband material based on dictionary is a character of husband and from my understanding about this is material is not refer to wealth or property, yet it is about kind of husband. Husband material is so important to me, because of that we can know, is he suitable to us? Currently, its so hard to get a husband material like we want.

D) Moral values can i learn from " Husband Material" is:

> Find someone whereby can make our life blissful.
~ Shanti still waiting Indran, even Indran have married with other girl is chosen by his family.

> Care about our self first.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you think Micheal Jackson's death is a big lost to the world? Give your reasons.

Yes, because M.J is one of the King of Pop in the world. He is also creative person, whereby, he can dance, sing in one time in his perfomences. He is also love his children so much.
Other than that, different with other singer, M.J is has many nick name that given by his fans.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

About Micheal Jackson..

List down 2 attitudes of Micheal Jackson's mother.

> Loving
> Caring

What is your personal opinion about Micheal Jackson's father.

> My personal opinion about Micheal Jackson's father is, he is hot tempered whereby Jacko often hit with his father and his father don't like him because Jacko has a big nose and so ugly to his father,Jacko's father also so strict with his children about playing the guitar because decipline with playing a large role in his.

How many siblings M.J has and who are they?

> M.J has nine siblings. They are Rebbie, Jackie ,La Toya, Marlon , Micheal, Randy and Janet. But one of them is deadth.

What are the uniqueness of M.J..

> He can prove to his family, he can be a great singer one day.
> He wear the one glove only and he gets the title is "THE GLOVED ONE".

What is the best scene in 'American Dream'.

> The best scene to me is, when M.J perform at the stage to prove it to his father whereby, he can sing better than his brothers. His family so proud to him and until his father cried because can believe to M.J can do the best.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shouldn't the narrator kiss or not his uncle for the last respect?

The narrator should to kiss his uncle for the last respect. First, his uncle is the narrator relatives. This was their first family funeral. So. whatever his uncle do to them, they should be respect to him as a last respect, even the narrator had feels angry to him. Second, forgive. The narrator shouldn't to keep his angry to someone is already died. It is because, Periappa is his uncle, and he should to forgive his uncle. Hopefully, his uncle can died in calm situation and his aunty, Periamma, not upset about somebody in her family did not to forgive her husband when he alive. Everything Periaapa do to them when he still alive, the family should has to forgive him.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is your opinion about Periappa as a whole from " The Kiss"?

My opinion about Periappa in " The Kiss", Periappa has a wife, Periamma. Periappa is a cruel, hot tempered and abusived man. He has hit her wife many many times. Periappa also is helpful and generous man. Which is , he would sell to Indians who could not afford to pay him cash, he keeps the debts into a books. Besides that, Periappa is a drunk and drove the car in a fast situation. Even Periappa is a hot tempered with his own family, yet, with others like people, he is friendly.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Habits that I always do in my daily life..

~ Listen the music before I sleep.
~ Drink one glass of milk every morning and at night.
~ When I want to hang out..must be spray the perfume at my wrist, my neck and also at
my cloth..
~ Whatever I do, I will sing the song..
~ Before I sleep, I will set the alarm even I want to wake up early or not..
~ I will take a few minutes when I take a bath..
~ I will look my face at a mirror to find some different things at my face.
~ Everyday, I will find something..which is, it can makes me laugh..
~ Drink the mineral water if I thirsty..
~ Everyday, my phone will receive the message and call..

Keanu versus Paparazzi in the 2008 court case.

In my opinion, the guilty is Keanu Reeves. It is because, duty of paparazzi is investigated about artist, actor and so on. So, Reeves cannot to blame the paparazzi on this problems. Reeves also guilty because, he hit the paparazzi ans the photograhpher until them get the injured.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first day on ramadhan month,.,

Today 11/8/2010,,my first ramadhan in my life,,celebrate at the college..to me is like a dream that I can't believe which is I am already have study at this college, KOLEJ PROFESIONAL MARA BANDAR PENAWAR,,with all my friends,,we are "bersahur and berbuka" together..

I miss my family..miss them so much..because I am always remember when we are break fast and sahur together..every evening..we are cooks together to prepare our break fast..

Right now,,I am a student..everything I do..I must survive on my own..but here..I can fasting and sahur together with my lil sister..to get rid my miss to my family..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daniel's situation to his parents..

My friends name is Daniel. He is 22 years old. Daniel is a good friend actually. We are closed. One day, Daniel asked to me, either wants to accompany him or not to go to shopping complex to meet his friends. At the same time,I have a feeling something will be happens to Daniel. I as a his friend, agreed to accompany his. The next day,Daniel tell his parents,that he wants to go to the shopping complex because he wanted to buy a books. Actually, Daniel is a already cheats his parents about the pocket money.

When we arrive at the shopping complex. Daniel warning to me, dont follow him wherever he goes, and he wants me to stayed at the same places. But I still follow him without his permission. Suddenly, I'm so surprise and I also can't believe what I see just now. Daniel used that money to buy ecstacy pills.

Before this, I have a seen, Daniels eats some pills and I thought that pills is a his supplement. It is because, when I ask him, whats that pills he is already eat? and he told me, that pills is a parts of his vitamins. When he feels like wants to shivering, he must eat that pills to be calm himself.

He gets the drugs from a criminal, is a dangerous criminal! Why is a criminal is a so dangerous, because either from the drug addicts that Daniel mixing, they are also involved in other crimes, like snatch-theft and drug dealing.

I as a his friend and to closed with his family, I have tried to give some advices to stop everything that he is already do right now. But he ignore me and want to beat me if I try to stopped him. I dare not to lie his parents because they are give me the fully trusted to take care of their child and how could I to do like this which is keep this situation from them.

For the best way to saved their child, I have to tell his parents to do something. I have try to story with his family what happens actually to their child and with calm his parents. At the same time, his parents can't accept what I have try to say about Daniel but for the best way to their beloved child, his parents had to do something and we are try to discussion for how to solution the problems.

Finally, his parents had to involved the police and hopefully this problems can be solved immediately. Finally, Daniel and his friends could be arrested the police with the information provided that we gave to them. Even though, his parents feel so sad but this is the best way and good for their beloved child and also to my beloved friend,DANIEL....

Monday, August 2, 2010

About Mr. Brown..

Assalamualaikum to all of you who is already see this pages..today I want to story about the comedy drama..who is Mr.Brown as a teacher in the class..and the topic Mr.Brown taught is a MIND YOUR LANGUAGE meets his class of foreign students for the first time.. The characters I like is a Ali Nadeem and Suli,,because..even Ali can't speak in English very well..he still want to try to speak in English..and he is so funny when he has tried to spoken..and Suli is a revolutionary-minded secretary from the Chinese Embassy..she can speak in English as well..but she still want to try get a new lesson and go to English class..In this class..Mr.Brown has a main problem,which is,he has to faced in the classroom with the student want to learning in English. The main problem is Mr.Brown begins teaching an English class to a diverse group of ten foreign adult students in London, hailing from nine different countries.A Hindi-speaking housewife (Jamila) who can't speak a word of English. With Indian, French, Chinese and many other pupils, his lessons do not always go as planned. The character which is I dislike in this sitcom is a Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious..because in that class,he has tried to always interrupt Danielle Favre. She is annoyed when Ingrid Svensson joins the class, instigating a rivalry for Mr. Brown's attention. Mr.Brown can help to their students with the two ways..Firstly, Mr.Brown should be separate of his students so that students will not be fighting each other and secondly Mr.Brown should be teach them with more patient,,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My love poems..

S- Somebody that I love are already in my heart.. and that person I love like a baby was born,,
Y- You are always in my mind.. whatever I do.. wherever I go..
A- Are you really L.O.V.E me???
Z- Zeal to you like crazy.. because you are king of my heart..
A- Always think you are besides me in everytime,, everyday...every hour,,every minutes, and every second ,,,because you are mine..
N- Now, tomorrow, until my last breathe.. to LOVE you..
A- And SYAZANA really love you..really LOVE to you,,

The person /people that I love the most....

I love the people who has in my life..without that people..I cant be a stronger..because,,they are always support me,, everything and whatever I do..for example...my parents,,,my mother is a caring person..she is so worried if I sick..hehehe,,,,because my mother so loving me,,=P my father also... second,, my friends... I love so much with them.. because,, they are always makes me happy,, makes me so happy,, we can shares everything.. like our hobby is hang out together,, can shopping together either boys or girls..other than that.. we are always changes an idea to makes something different.. and the last but not list.. before I forget it.. about the title.. the person that I love..huhu...actually,,I'm feel so shy to say about this,, because,, the people I love the most,, ofcourse that is a man.. he is should be tall than me,,hehehe because from that..I can feel..that he is really taking care of me.. and hope he can really accept me fully.. including my family..my friends and the most important is myself... he can't accept my heart only..he is also should be a good man to me,,a good man to my family.. and become a good role model to my child in one day..also can convert me from any problems.. can support me whatever I do..,,and I MAKE SURE that people I love,,he is mine only..in my life no sharing whatever and the everything that I have no more to sharing with others,,thats is some of the characteristic of man that I LOVE SO MUCH....LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you think Malaysia football team is qualified enough and be able to join the World Cup??

~ I think Malaysia football team is not qualified enough and can't be able to join the World Cup. It is because, our position is not same levels with the palyers international football team. Besides that, maybe, our football team is not thier challenges. But is not possible, if one day, Malaysia have a take part at FIFA World Cup.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my siblings...

this part..i wnt to introduce more bout my siblings..1st my brothers name is M.Syazwan b. M fadzil..he is become to 22 years old at 28 August.. and now,he is works as a policeman at Pandan Indah at Kuala Lumpur. He's hobby is collects the branded brands..like Ed Hardy,Guess,Adidas and Esprit. My 1st lil sister is Nabila, she is 19 years old and still study at the same place with me at KPMBP, Johor Bahru..take a Diploma in Accountancy. Actly, my 2nd lil sister also have a same in a 1st name with Nabila..and her name is Nabila Diyana, which is at the picture..she's already wear the pink colour of the tudung. She is end of my sibling. She is 17 years old and study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tasek Utara(2).. Thats all about my sibling..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who is 'Syazana binti M.Fadzil'...??

Syazana binti M.fadzil...was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah,Johor Bahru..date of birth on 25 sept 1989..means now,,I'm 21 years old..heee..firstly,,I want to story about my education..I'm educated at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Puteri,Johor Bahru..after that,,I'm continued at my secondry school..actually..I have two secondry school...first,,I'm study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tasek Utara,,from form 1 until 3...juST get take PMR certificate...for continous my study...for get SPM certificate...I have to transferd to second my secondry school at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tasek Utara (2)..also at Johor Bahru...after i get my rsult spm..I choose to take stpm..even in my stpm rsults not good..I tried to survey other places for continue my study,,,Actually..I have an exprience working after I finished my STPM..in a two years..as a sales assistant at UO SUPERSTORE,PLAZA ANGSANA,,and right now..I have study at KPMBPJB..second,,I want to story some part in my life..which is,,I like to do...for example..my hobbies are take the picture,,wherever I go,,,I must take some picture..also I like to karoeke...even my voices 'TAK GEMPAK' like Siti Nurhaliza,Ziana Zain...or who else..I dont care..because to me...when I sing that songs,,,I feel so rlax!!! and happening...hahahaa...I also like to go to window shopping...whatever that I saw..I want to buy it!!! even,,the price,cheap or expensive!!! ummm...I like too makes some biscuits,,and i called that 'DODOL BATIK'..but some people have call that biscuit is 'BISKUT BATIK'.. my favourite colour is a chocolate.. Y??? Because chocolate is like same as chocolate that we can eat,, and it is so delicious,, my cloths almost chocolate colour..chocolate is a some part from my display name!!! Other than that..

my beloved family

In my family...have a 6 person,,they are my parents..my brother,and 2 lil sister...and including me..second in my siblings..we are love each other...and my parents always take care of thier chidren...my fathers name is M.fadzil b. A.Majid..my mothers name is Sa'adiah bte Murakim..my brothers name is M.Syazwan b. M.Fadzil..my 2 lil sister name are Nabila and Nabila Diyana..if look from their name...ofcouse everyone thinks..they are twins....hehehe....and last but not list..I as a written this post..I want to introduce little bit about myself..my name is Syazana..and i second or elder sister from my siblings...I want to introduce my family at a another POST...