Monday, November 1, 2010

My experience during drama presentation.

I'm feel so presentation for drama..was already have done!
Want to know something..first time in my life..singing in front of audience!
owh..I'm so shy at that time..with MARIAH CAREY song..MY character as Aunty Kim..

This my AUNTY KIM,,hahahha..I'm laughing when I saw my new image when I stand in front of the mirror..hahaha...within the hair that we makes from "selendang" to show to audience as my character..chiniese..
anything was happen to my group during drama..I'm so satisfied,,because,,I can believed,,that my group has choosen by judges as a winner by class..Thankful to judges and the most thankful to my beloved lecture BRO a English lecturer..has give advise and tips to us..and has lecture me,how to played as a chiniese girl but we are so sad because..when we are perfomance,,he is not here..

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