Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I like/what I hate about my English lacture.

What I like about my English lacture is..he is sporting,kind man,as a lacture,he is perfect to lacture student and be a good lacture..because of that,,he teach us how to make a blogger..how to be has a good perfomance in drama..first time in my life has involved in drama..perfoms to audience..has a critics from judges..how to improve our English spoken,,and the most important is..when I study at this college,,it has make myself to more brave to spoke in English..even my english is not very well..its all come from SIR BAYU..my beloved lacturer..he also has a nice voice..want to know..my lacture is a romantic person..huhuhu..he dedicate song that he makes to us,but at the same time,,he dedicate to fiance...how romantic my lacture..anyway..he will marriage at this year,,december 2010..at Perak..we hope sir will happy until his last breath with her partner in his life..thank you so much! because sir has teach us everything even we did not know about it..

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