Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daniel's situation to his parents..

My friends name is Daniel. He is 22 years old. Daniel is a good friend actually. We are closed. One day, Daniel asked to me, either wants to accompany him or not to go to shopping complex to meet his friends. At the same time,I have a feeling something will be happens to Daniel. I as a his friend, agreed to accompany his. The next day,Daniel tell his parents,that he wants to go to the shopping complex because he wanted to buy a books. Actually, Daniel is a already cheats his parents about the pocket money.

When we arrive at the shopping complex. Daniel warning to me, dont follow him wherever he goes, and he wants me to stayed at the same places. But I still follow him without his permission. Suddenly, I'm so surprise and I also can't believe what I see just now. Daniel used that money to buy ecstacy pills.

Before this, I have a seen, Daniels eats some pills and I thought that pills is a his supplement. It is because, when I ask him, whats that pills he is already eat? and he told me, that pills is a parts of his vitamins. When he feels like wants to shivering, he must eat that pills to be calm himself.

He gets the drugs from a criminal, is a dangerous criminal! Why is a criminal is a so dangerous, because either from the drug addicts that Daniel mixing, they are also involved in other crimes, like snatch-theft and drug dealing.

I as a his friend and to closed with his family, I have tried to give some advices to stop everything that he is already do right now. But he ignore me and want to beat me if I try to stopped him. I dare not to lie his parents because they are give me the fully trusted to take care of their child and how could I to do like this which is keep this situation from them.

For the best way to saved their child, I have to tell his parents to do something. I have try to story with his family what happens actually to their child and with calm his parents. At the same time, his parents can't accept what I have try to say about Daniel but for the best way to their beloved child, his parents had to do something and we are try to discussion for how to solution the problems.

Finally, his parents had to involved the police and hopefully this problems can be solved immediately. Finally, Daniel and his friends could be arrested the police with the information provided that we gave to them. Even though, his parents feel so sad but this is the best way and good for their beloved child and also to my beloved friend,DANIEL....

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