Monday, August 2, 2010

About Mr. Brown..

Assalamualaikum to all of you who is already see this I want to story about the comedy drama..who is Mr.Brown as a teacher in the class..and the topic Mr.Brown taught is a MIND YOUR LANGUAGE meets his class of foreign students for the first time.. The characters I like is a Ali Nadeem and Suli,,because..even Ali can't speak in English very well..he still want to try to speak in English..and he is so funny when he has tried to spoken..and Suli is a revolutionary-minded secretary from the Chinese Embassy..she can speak in English as well..but she still want to try get a new lesson and go to English class..In this class..Mr.Brown has a main problem,which is,he has to faced in the classroom with the student want to learning in English. The main problem is Mr.Brown begins teaching an English class to a diverse group of ten foreign adult students in London, hailing from nine different countries.A Hindi-speaking housewife (Jamila) who can't speak a word of English. With Indian, French, Chinese and many other pupils, his lessons do not always go as planned. The character which is I dislike in this sitcom is a Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious..because in that class,he has tried to always interrupt Danielle Favre. She is annoyed when Ingrid Svensson joins the class, instigating a rivalry for Mr. Brown's attention. Mr.Brown can help to their students with the two ways..Firstly, Mr.Brown should be separate of his students so that students will not be fighting each other and secondly Mr.Brown should be teach them with more patient,,

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