Friday, October 1, 2010

Husband Material..

A) In my opinion, marriage is about one relationship that we called more lawful and more everlasting,also more guarantee with the people we loved. To me, marriage also blissful because, we will get have a full time together with our partner without limits. Marriage is a one time is a change our life from teenagers to adult and lastly, be a someone owned that we called wife. When someone be a wife or husband, they have a new responsibility to their own family. And for me, marriage is a one of desire to all people.

B) I will choose my own spouse. It is because I want to find someone that I love him and I want to know more about him by myself. It is because, when I meet someone, I will bring him and introduce to my parents. If my chosen is a good for me as well as also good to my family. My spouse character is a tall than me, caring about me, loving me yet not only with myself, also should love with my family, he can accept me fully about me and have a permanent job.

C) Husband material based on dictionary is a character of husband and from my understanding about this is material is not refer to wealth or property, yet it is about kind of husband. Husband material is so important to me, because of that we can know, is he suitable to us? Currently, its so hard to get a husband material like we want.

D) Moral values can i learn from " Husband Material" is:

> Find someone whereby can make our life blissful.
~ Shanti still waiting Indran, even Indran have married with other girl is chosen by his family.

> Care about our self first.

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