Tuesday, September 21, 2010

About Micheal Jackson..

List down 2 attitudes of Micheal Jackson's mother.

> Loving
> Caring

What is your personal opinion about Micheal Jackson's father.

> My personal opinion about Micheal Jackson's father is, he is hot tempered whereby Jacko often hit with his father and his father don't like him because Jacko has a big nose and so ugly to his father,Jacko's father also so strict with his children about playing the guitar because decipline with playing a large role in his.

How many siblings M.J has and who are they?

> M.J has nine siblings. They are Rebbie, Jackie ,La Toya, Marlon , Micheal, Randy and Janet. But one of them is deadth.

What are the uniqueness of M.J..

> He can prove to his family, he can be a great singer one day.
> He wear the one glove only and he gets the title is "THE GLOVED ONE".

What is the best scene in 'American Dream'.

> The best scene to me is, when M.J perform at the stage to prove it to his father whereby, he can sing better than his brothers. His family so proud to him and until his father cried because can believe to M.J can do the best.

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